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When I think of SHPS, I feel that it is aptly said that ‘school is a temple of learning.’

Growing up in this school has been a tremendous experience for me. Here, knowledge, education are not bound to books only but also related to experience and activities that are essential part of learning. The school also plays a crucial role in making a child grow up as a responsible human being. SHPS has successfully promoted and instilled Indian Values within its students.

I physically ventured out into the real world outside this safe and protective school environment six years ago. I say ‘physically’ because emotionally the thread tying me to this school is unbreakable. The childhood i spent here inculcated in me the spirit of being a SHPian which has now become a part of my identity. Our teachers have been next to our parents, always ready to teach us new lessons of life, scold us when we are wrong and even hide our mistakes many a times. Its been a tradition in the SHPS to teach nothing less that the best.

A sense of dignity, discipline, responsibility, reliability, honesty, confidence and more so, a sense of courage to accept our mistakes and improve them is what this school instilled in me throughout my tenure as a student. Though, some students may disagree with me and endlessly complain about the system of school rules, practices and procedures; I would like to remind them all of the efforts that the school makes every day to provide us the best in every field, be it in academics or extra curricular activities.

I express my heartfelt gratitude to our Principal, Mrs. Sushma Attri and teachers for their love and support in helping me to become what I am today, for moulding a nervous little girl into an independent human being, all equipped to face the world confidently and courageously.

I would like end with a message for my friends: success is measured not so much by position one has reached in life but by the obstacles one has overcome while trying to succeed

BATCH 2008-09

Let’s do it informally, differently.

I studied here, in SHPS till 10th standard and I believe this is why I am what I’m today and I’ll be, in future. No, seriously. And you’ll get the same word from almost every member of alumni of this school.
Ask me why? Because we were not going to a school. We were a family.

SHPS’ strength lies in ratio of number of students to number of teachers. We were so personally treated that sometimes I used to get irritated (young days, right) but now I see how it affected me, my psych.

This is not a normal school, guys. It is not. Apart that, with ICSE’ syllabus and not a large strength, there is one thing you are definitely getting here : BASICS

I sometime get compliments for my basic concepts of science and mathematics (bragging :v) and I owe this school a big deal for that. This is Swami Hariharanand Public School from my POV and I have experienced it long enough to have a say. I do not miss this place. I carry it along.

Thank you!


Yash Chauhan
Batch 2011-12

School life is best phase of one’s life and I also have a lot of share about it. School is temple of learning and a training ground for future citizen. Of course, the main purpose of going to school is to gain a good education that will help you be successful in future. In a school we are taught how to move in society, how to behave with others and when it came to academic excellence, our school shows good results every year.

Learning is more important than winning and my school offered me every opportunity by which I would be able to understand various aspects of life.

My school offered me much more than the academic experience and here I have learnt that education is not in books, it is gained through studying & learning in a school like SHPS.

All the great memories of SHPS that I had with my friends or teachers are still crystal clear in my mind and they gave me immense satisfaction and happiness whenever I think of it. Because the memories make us smile and not our report card. Our school followed up a traditional way of learning the aspect of life and that’s why I am so glad to be known SHPian.

At SHPS, I met a greater variety of people in single classroom and teachers who are always available for us to teach us, to give us lessons of life, to guide us and to give valuable support to us and I am thankful to all my teachers and our principal Mrs. Sushma Attri for her valuable guidance and support through all those years.

I would like to express my gratitude to my teachers and my school for their love and support.


Batch 2008-09

The golden days of my life.. The strongest foundation which was laid for shaping up my future in making  me worth of every bit of it .. Is my school days .. A decade of remembrance… I owe every bit of my existence to my school and my teachers who have been support  in thin and thick of my life.

Suraj Mishra
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