The school organizes a series of workshops in order to address the concerns faced by students, parents / guardians and teachers. The workshops can be broadly classified into two parts: academic and issues faced by parents/ guardians, teachers and students.


Academic workshops: The principal objective of these workshops is career counseling. In the present scenario, most of the students are quite overwhelmed by the number of career options available. These workshops are of two kinds: a) for students of Junior section and b) for students of senior section. The former are at an initial stage of making academic decisions. Rather than leaving them at the mercy of external (unauthentic) sources, the school provides proper counseling to them. For the latter, the counselors interview each student in order to know their academic interest and capabilities. On the basis of interview findings and academic record of the students, personal profiles of each and every student are created. The Principal & the career counselor discuss the profiles with the students in presence of their parents and guide them in choosing the best possible academic option.


Workshops for parents/ guardians and teachers: the school also organizes a workshop for parents / guardians and teachers. The visiting counselor’s expertise lies in counseling people of varied age groups on Study Skills, Parenting Skills, Teacher’s Empowerment, Memory Workshop, Personality Development, etc. The workshop greatly facilitates the participants in addressing the concerns they face in their everyday contexts, for example: parenting issues, widening ideological gap between parents/ guardians and children, peer pressure, time management, stress management etc. The workshop has assisted the participants in addressing their concerns in a more objective and productive ways.

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